Saturday, September 16, 2006

Happy Birthday to me

This morning my kids excitedly rushed into my room and woke me up to tell me "Happy Birthday". When Nate asked me what I wanted I half-jokingly replied, "Kids who stay clean and who are obedient". He gave me a look as if to say that's not even an option then asked me if he could get me antything else.
So, yes, today is my birthday (I am 25) and while I don't like huge celebrations I am secretly hoping that someone will show up with a birthday cake so I don't have to make my own. My kids know that cakes are for birthdays and they're not about to let me get away without having one. I kind of suspect that my husband and my g12 girls are up to something but I'm not getting my hopes up. Let's just say that if everything goes well I should have some b-day pictures to post tomorrow. =)