Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's The Little Things

With Hetee out of town and Abi and Kenny being sick, it's been difficult to focus on anything besides temperatures, stool consistencies and vomit counts.

That's why today I'm making a conscious effort to shake the blues and enjoy the world around me. Not surprisingly it's the little things that do it for me, like:

  • Despite 2 sick kids, we all got 12 hours of solid sleep last night
  • Neighbor kids coming over to play with Nate and keep him occupied while his siblings are not able to play
  • Ladies from church showing up "just to pray"
  • A Christian doctor to check my kids out and pray for them
  • My helper Boloro being so sweet
  • Kenny saying "I love you more"
  • My new 8kg washing machine (thank you Brad and Sara!)
  • Starbucks and Reece's (thank you John and Diana!)
  • A ride from Grandpa
  • My Honey calling just for nothing
  • Rain
  • A brand spankin' new baby girl born to friends of ours