Monday, April 30, 2007

Hair Cuts, Camels, and Tire Swings

It's certainly been a while! For a minute there I forgot how to sign in. My cousin calls those "brain farts".

Anyhoo...I feel like I should come clean about something. I cut my hair. Yes, I know I said I was going to donate it and I really, really meant to but it just seemed like it would be 9 inches (has to be at least 10 to donate. Some places only take 12) forever and I was so tired of Kenny pulling on it. Hetee was very understanding, and even thought he loved it long, he gave me the go-ahead to cut it.

For a while my scalp had been bothering me but it feels much better now with my hair short. I'm not sure why it was hurting like that but I think it may be hormonal since I just got my period back since Kenny was born. (Maybe that was too much info for some of my readers but it's my blog and I can talk about my period if I want to)

Back to the hair; I'll post a picture as soon as I get a chance. ( That means next time I look pretty.)

In my previous post I mentioned a women's conference. I'm happy to report that it was a success! We had 600 women attend and about 100 of them received salvation and countless others received physical and emotional healing. We're still reaping the harvest from it. It will be aired on a major TV news channel starting in September. I taught a session on fighting for the unborn. I can't wait until that makes the airwaves!

While I was speaking on abortion at the conference, one woman in the audience who had had 8 abortions in the past, began to weep. She told a team member that she felt as though, that night, she was being healed from all that hurt and pain. Another woman talked to me after I finished speaking and told me that she was 2 months pregnant and seriously considering abortion but after hearing me and seeing the presentation with pictures I showed, she decided to keep her baby. Once again, I was humbled and thankful that God can use even me.

The same week I taped that session for TV, Hetee was asked to be on the radio talking to young people about choosing the right friends and being a good friend. He had several call-ins, mostly girls asking questions about guys and relationships. Some of the comments/questions had me in stitches while I was sitting next to him, trying no to laugh out loud. He was really good and not nervous at all. I was impressed.

Having the American team (who did the conference) here was a lot of fun. The day before they left we went to the countryside and rode camels and had a blast. Except for poor Rodney, the alpha male of the group. (the American group, not the camel group. He was the only male.) He got spit on by a camel. It was nasty, smelly, and bright green, unlike anything I had ever in all my years of experience with regurgitating creatures (my kids). It was too funny for words. And don't you know it, I didn't have my camera!

The kids enjoyed the camels. Even Abi climbed up without a fuss. She was so brave, even when the ornery old camel kept making loud sounds. I thought sure she'd want to stay away from it but it just made her giggle.

Today we were able to take a breather since the team left and the encounter retreat Hetee was asked to do for the World Vision staff finished. It was warm and sunny outside so we worked and played in the yard most of the day. Hetee cultivated around the berry bushes and the kids and I played on the tire swing he made, then we got to work in what is going to be out little flower garden. I hope the flowers grow since the seeds were kind of old. That combined with Nate and Abi's gardening techniques (drop one seed in one hole and half the pack in another...) and my lack of gardening skills is a formidable obstacle.

Well, I'm off to bed. I'll try to post more often, I promise!