Friday, May 08, 2009

Week 13 and the Darkhan Transportation System

I just passed 13 weeks and am slowly starting to feel a bit more energetic. However, one thing that's been sapping my energy lately (and I promised myself I would not complain about this!) is not having a car. We had to sell our car a few months ago and we have been using taxis and walking a lot. I don't mind walking, especially now that they weather has warmed up. It's actually quite pleasant out if you can manage to avoid the sand storms that are an inevitable part of springtime in Mongolia.

Walking as a family to church or to an appointment is another matter entirely. It takes so long to get from point A to B and sometimes something that would have taken us 10 minutes in our car takes us all afternoon. Getting a taxi is not very easy either. In Darkhan the taxi drivers pack as many people in their cars as possible and children under a certain age ride on their parents' lap for free. Well, when the drivers see a family of 5 on the side of the road they immediately think that we're not worth it because we have too many kids. So they don't stop.

Also in Darkhan all the taxi drivers work on a loop. They have a certain path they take and they don't like to go off the loop to take people to different destinations. I know, it's rediculous and so backward and it frustrates me to no end. When we do get a taxi we ask them to take us to our destination and agree on the fee. It's still very cheap and beats walking when we're in a hurry.

Ah, well, enough about that. Week 13 and feeling great! I'm getting lots of exercise and eating a lot. Nausea is almost gone but it comes back if I get a little hungry or too tired. Or if I smell the garbage can. Or the meat market. But those were pretty much an issue before the morning sickness, anyway.

Hormones are working at top speed, it seems. Physically, I feel a lot more pregnant than 13 weeks. Emotionally, I have to stay grounded in the Word of God to not lose my cool at the drop of a hat. And even then, I still fail. I feel mostly worried about everything. I've always had a wild imagination, always thinking of things that could go wrong. Staying in the Word and taking my thoughts captive helps. Prayers for me in this area much appreciated!

More on life in Mongolia coming soon...