Thursday, February 19, 2009


These days I've been under the weather with a nasty sinus cold. Today, as I was making myself comfortable to check email and do some computer stuff, Nate came and prayed for me. He then piled 3 pillows behind my back and brought my favorite camel wool comforter and draped it around me.

I said, "Aw you are so thoughtful, thank you". To which he replied, "What else am I here for?"

So sweet!

Abi has been showering me with love, too. She gave me her favorite necklace. She also let me use her bobby (blankie) to keep warm. Today she said she was happy daddy chose me and that I was the most nicest mommy of all.

I'm so grateful for my thoughtful kids, who show love and compassion at such a young age. They blow me away sometimes with their tender hearts.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


That's the name of our dear friends, Brad and Sara's new baby girl, Mia. She was born last week into the hands of a surprised daddy who was hoping and praying that the midwife would make it in time. The midwife was M.I.A. and he had to go it alone. I'm told he did a fabulous job. And now the midwife can be happy they named her baby after her. =) (I love you Brad and Sara! You know I'm just messing with you!)

I have also been M.I.A. here on my blog. The last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind. Busy schedules coupled with Hetee's multiple translation projects have had us really tied up and tied to the computers. Thankfully, a few of you out there noticed and have been kind enough to check my pulse and see if I'm still alive.

I am here and want to update you all on life in the Jargalsaikhan home:

  • Nate's Alphabet party at school was on Friday. The children have finished all 35 letters and have learned to read. The school held a party for the 1st graders and had a little ceremony to honor them and their teachers. It was so cute to see the children all dressed up in their caps and gowns (more like capes). There was a TV station camera there and Nate and his classmates got to be on TV.
  • Abi is so excited about turning 5 next month. It's all she talks about! And when she really wants to get her way about something she'll explain that her birthday is only 20 something days away therefore we have to do what she says. She's a ham and a half.
  • Kenny is almost fully potty trained. I never really went into much detail here on my blog but some of you knew about the tremendously difficult time we were having potty training Kenny. Since last week he's been asking to go pee and has only had one accident all week!!! He still cries when he has to poop (Pastor Chris, remember the poop doula! hahahaha) but it's not nearly as bad as it used to be.
  • We are still working hard to go to Singapore and Malaysia. We were miraculously blessed by a few people, some who didn't even know us and some who are dear friends of ours. Also we have been translating and teaching English to earn money. (This time of refreshment and rest has become top priority!) We were able to gather sufficient money for our tickets ( 1,600 USD) but still need about 400 USD for other expenses including lodging and travel while in Malaysia. Some of my readers expressed that they wanted to help us achieve this goal. We still have until about the 6th of March to get the funds we need. If you feel led to help us you can do so through Paypal, at
  • God has given me two moms to help, both of them named Boloro and both of them pregnant with twins! Both were told by doctors that they would not be able to give birth and that the babies would die, although there have been no signs of miscarriage. I've been meeting with one of them for birth classes and gave her vitamins. The other one lives in Ulaan Baatar and we talk on the phone when she has questions. Please keep them in your prayers. The one in Ulaan Baatar is about 3 months along and the one who lives here in town is 4 months.
That's about all that's going on here. Well, there's tons of other stuff going on but nothing really blog worthy.

I'll be back, hopefully soon... Happy belated Valentine's Day and lots of Love to you all!!!