Friday, December 19, 2008

I Sign Up To Teach English...

And the next thing you know... well, here I am!

Pictured here, besides myself are my fellow teachers and teammates. I could tell you their names but I'm having trouble figuring out how to spell them in English right now. =)

We had a great time playing volleyball and basketball last weekend despite the fact that we lost. We managed to win our first volleyball and then later, basketball games, but then it was downhill after that.

Taking a bow ("We who are about to die salute you!" haha)

Our school played against 6 other companies that are under our "Mongol Alt" company. The women and men played separately but some of the women we played against might as well have been men. They were tough! I hit the floor really hard once during basketball and got some bad bruises on my knees. My arms are also scratched and bruised. A few times I got rammed for no good reason-- I didn't even have the ball. They really took me as a serious threat which is funny because the only reason they did that is because I'm tall, not because I can play ball. I've decided that before I can play them again I need to bulk up and develop a butt (yeah, like that'll ever happen to a Kocke) so I can ram them back.

Gandig, the computer teacher, and her mad serve! She rocked!

Our cheerleader, Sweet Abigail. ("Thank you for my coloring books, Aunt Shelly!")