Saturday, December 30, 2006

Here's a picture of Kenny, taken on Christmas day. He's doing the typical Mongolian pose, haha!

Thanks for my stocking, Grandma!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The most romantic words ever uttered would have to be,

"You go back to sleep, honey. I'll get up and get the kids their breakfast."

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Joys

Yesterday we spent the day with my parents. We helped my mom cook and hung out until Baagii and Zaya, my 2 Mongolian sisters came home from school (yes, school on Christmas day in Mongolia). When they got in we exchanged and opened presents then sat down to our feast of roast and potatoes and creamed veggies. It was fun and relaxing to just lounge around and enjoy each others' company for the day.

Tonight was our leaders' Christmas party. Actually, it's still going on, but I snuck away for a few minutes to write this post and check email. They're watching a Mongolian comedy on TV and laughing really loud. They're funnier than the comedy if you ask me.

Hetee and I cooked for our leaders (only about 20 people came all together) and after we ate we went ice skating. It was the first time for some of us and, although we were dropping like flies, we had a lot of fun. I have 2 big bruises on my knees and my hips are kind of sore from falling, too. But by the end of our evening I learned to stop without falling on my butt or running into the fence! I would have pictures but the digital camera battery went dead as soon as I got outside.