Friday, April 10, 2009

Diaperless Days

I'm not sure I like all this "big boy" business. I'm pretty sure I was conned into something, I just haven't quite figured it out yet. Everyone is happy, but what did I get out of this deal? A pair of hand-me-down Spider Man underwear my big brother wore when he was being duped like me. Next thing you know they'll be telling me I have to wash my own dishes and start first grade. It's not fair, I tell you. It's not fair.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Abi's 5th Birthday Photos

As promised, here are some snapshots from Abi's party. Not as many as I would have liked; my computer is really slow today.

We had a good time, although I was feeling really nauseated and couldn't really play any games or entertain our guests.

The Birthday Girl!

Blowing out her candles! I had originally planned to make a red velvet cake for her big day but the oven is still thermostatically challenged. So, we went with the biggest, girliest cake we could find!

All her friends, Mongolian and American, were there to wish her a happy birthday!

Monday, April 06, 2009

What's Been Making Me Smile

  • Abi and her new Leapfrog. Thank you Jenna!
  • I've gained 9 lbs so far despite morning sickness and lack of appetite. (Those of you who know me know I have a hard time gaining and keeping weight on. So this is good news!)
  • I have not developed any Rh negative antibodies! Also good news!
  • Nate is reading and writing in Mongolian and English, although he prefers Mongolian. English grammar is notoriously difficult.
  • Longer days. Now the sun's up when I am at 6:30 am. =)
  • My dad asked Kenny where the new baby was and Kenny replied, "In mommy's shirt".
  • Salad at mom's
  • Long walks in the warm weather
  • Hot chocolate and facebook
  • Lovely people in Church yesterday
What's been making you smile? Leave a comment!