Friday, August 01, 2008

Frugal Friday: Bread Crumbs And Croutons

Bread Crumbs

OK, most of you with small children prolly (I misspelled that on purpose. Going back to my Louisiana roots) already know this one but making your own bread crumbs is a great way to save money and avoid waste.

The reason I started making my own bread crumbs is because we couldn't find "sukhar" (Russuan bread crumbs) here on a regular basis. Now, we can get them but I'm used to making my own and it beats paying close to $3.00 for a small container.

What I do is trim the crusts off my children's bread before their choice of spread goes on. I place the pieces of crust in a pizza pan and put it in a slightly heated oven for about an hour (you can warm the oven and turn it off after the pan goes in). Cookie and cracker crumbs can also be added.

After everything is dried out, place it in a blender and grind until it becomes a fine powder. You can sift or use as is.

Sometimes I add a dash of garlic powder and a teaspoon or so of Italian seasoning for yummy Italian style bread crumbs!



Croutons are something else we can't find here so I make my own. When I have a bread that's getting old I slice it and butter the pieces. I have my "crouton mix" (garlic salt, Italian herbs) all mixed up in a shaker and sprinkle it on the buttered slices of bread. I then cut the bread into small squares and place them on a baking sheet and bake in a warm oven (don't know exact temperature) until dry.

Store your bread crumbs and croutons in airtight containers. They keep forever!

For more frugal tips go to Biblical Womanhood and have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Address

"Where do we send care packages? I think this would be a great missions project for my Bible class."


Hi, Kristina and thanks for asking!

I've added our address at the bottom of the "care package ideas" lists. What I did before was only give it out by email to avoid putting it on my blog. But I think that for convenience's sake it's better to go ahead and leave it here.

We ask that anyone would like to send a package please contact us by email to let us know when we can expect it.

Thanks everybody!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yay! (and a word about care packages)

We got a care package in today from Cheri!

We had to wait about an hour for the customs agent to show up. When he got there he just let me take the package and didn't even bother to open it or charge me the customs fee. He must have been having a good day!

Thank you so much for brightening our day, Cheri. We had tacos for supper, per my Mongolian husband's request! And I got to break out the band aids for Kenny after he cut his thumb on a little mirror.

I introduced my kids to miniature marshmallows and they loved them. I don't think I'll be able to make anything with them cause the kids are gobbling them up! (I am too!)

Notice the marshmallows aren't pictured. They were already opened and being devoured!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Cheri!

If anyone else is interested in sending a care package, please read the "care package ideas" list to the right of this page. I've removed the things I received and added a few more things that we would consider a treat. (I LOVE cheesecake. I can't believe I didn't think of that before!)

Packages tend to get pretty battered up on the way over here so here are some tips for packing:
  • I think you all know this already, but use a sturdy box =)
  • pack bottles of liquids in Ziplocks to contain leaks. We reuse the Ziplocks here.
  • use vacuum seal bags for powder packets.
  • ask for alternative shipping rates at the post office. There may be rates for packages that take longer but are a lot cheaper. Just think: you'll be blessing us with a care package and helping us develop patience at the same time.
Please remember that we share a lot of what we receive in care packages. Things like children's vitamins, Tylenol, and diaper rash ointment get used not just by my kids but by the many, many babies in church, too. We can never get too much of that sort of thing.

Spices and other kitchen goodies are fun to share with my Mongolian friends who enjoy cooking. Also, my mom and I are always trading back and forth so this gives me something to bless her with, too!

Thank You

...For the prayers and the well wishes regarding my last post. Once again, God is carrying us through this time and we can see it as a time to glorify Him for His faithfulness. We've yet to go hungry or lack something we really need. God is so good!

Last week Hetee asked if I would like to preach on Sunday. I immediately took him up on the offer as God had been putting some scriptures on my heart.

I felt I should speak about trusting God in the midst of hardship instead of questioning Him. And the suffering we endure from day to day (some more than others) is nothing compared to the glory that shall be revealed to us (Rom. 8:18).

This sermon really helped me regain perspective (I always preach to myself). Afterward, I heard of a woman from church who had just lost her mother. She also recently suffered a stroke herself. She said she had been asking "Why?" instead of trusting her Heavenly Father. The Word shared on Sunday reminded her that bad things happen but there will come a day when all suffering will cease and we will be comforted.

I hope this word encourages someone today, too. =)