Saturday, November 03, 2007

Pictures Are Back!

We got a new digital camera so I'll be able to post more pictures!

Here are some pictures of the kids, taken yesterday. It was warm and sunny but there was still a little bit of snow on the ground from the last snowfall.

If you click and enlarge them you can see the snot coming out of Kenny's nose. Niiiiiice.

Posing with their 2, very short snowmen

Kenny loves knocking things down and watching the heads roll. Must be that Genghis Khan warrior blood in him.

Nate's tooth

Yesterday Nate was playing at the neighbors' when he lost his tooth. Literally, he lost it, never to be found again. I was hoping to save his first tooth, at least for a while but now we can't find it.

Nate, age 5, grinning a toothless grin, proud as can be!

He was worried he wouldn't get any money for it, since he lost it but I assured him that the tooth fairy would have no trouble finding it. He didn't believe me about the tooth fairy for a second but he was ecstatic to find 4 one hundred tugrug bills under his pillow this morning.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Puppies, Anyone?

Abi, pointing to a little bag on the kitchen counter: Mommy, what's this?"

Me: Poppy seeds

Abi, in a playful voice: What are you going to do with "puppy seeds"?

Me: You're a funny girl. Not puppy seeds, I said poppy seeds!

Abi, giggling: Bobby seeds?!

For those of you who didn't already know, "Bobby" is Abi's beloved blankie.

She has such a great sense of humor for a 3 year-old. She's always cracking us up. =)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

You know you don't update your blog enough when you go to sign in and you forget your blogger username. What can I say? Life has taken over and in the process, has managed to thwart my every attempt at writing a post.

These past few weeks have been full to the brim with preparations for our annual G12 discipleship conference that took place on from the 18-20th. It was a nervous time for me, as it was my first time to preach at the g12 conference. All of our church leaders were there, AND my dad came to watch me preach, too. I'm used to speaking in front of large crowds in Mongolian but this time I felt really nervous. But, in the end, I'm happy to say my sermon went well. My dad said I was the best preacher there. He may be just a little bit biased.

The day I preached was our 6th anniversary. I knew we'd be busy with the conference but I was secretly hoping we could do something special somehow. Anyway, when Hetee introduced me as I came up on stage he told everyone it was our anniversary and then asked me if he could kiss me in front of everyone (about 500 people). And of course, not wanting to hurt his feelings I agreed and got all red-faced and embarrassed, on top of being nervous about preaching.

That night, we finally got a chance to go out and enjoy a quiet meal at the "Texas Pub" (where else?) --at 11:30. We were exhausted, starving and craving each other's uninterrupted attention. Just as we were finishing up our steaks, some people from church walked in and busted us. =) We said our goodbyes and headed home, totally worn out.

In case you're wondering about my lack of photos from the conference, it's because we still don't have a digital camera. Ours broke around Christmas last year and we have yet to get a new one. This year, though, we've decided not to buy each other presents for Christmas (just get them for the kids) and instead invest in a new digital camera. How we've gone this long without one, I'll never know. It'll be nice to have one again!

After the conference was over, we took Kenny to UB to get checked out for a stubborn cough he's been having since July. To make a long story short, the pediatrician thinks he has allergy-related bronchitis (had a chest X-ray). It makes sense, especially since he was perfectly fine when we were living in the apartment with no grass or weeds nearby. She prescribed some meds, which I haven't had much luck getting him to take. Winter should take care of the weed allergen problem but we may have to think about moving come Spring. Yay.

While in UB, I got to spend an evening with my friend Amanda. She, Hetee and I had dinner at a nice, Western-style restaurant called "The Irish Pub". There was live entertainment and I had fish and chips, in total Irish fashion. Then I had cheesecake for dessert. Now THAT'S something to write home about!

Me and my Sweetie at "The Irish Pub"

Me and Amanda

On the way back from UB, Hetee and I decided to check out a tourist resort that's located a few kilometers off the main road, about an hour and a half from Darkhan. We had seen the sign for it and passed the place up many times but never really thought to go and see it.

We turned off the main highway and as we drove up all we could say was "Wow". It's located on the edge of the pine forest and the hotel itself looks like something you'd see in America--only in the middle of the Mongolian countryside! The interior was all made of wood and the rooms were really nice. They had saunas and a massage/spa room and everything! As it turns out, the "Secret History of Mongolia" camp, as it's called, is a favorite getaway for the rich and famous of Mongolia.

Some of you know that Hetee and I have been praying for a chance to take a vacation to Thailand for some much needed R and R. We've never had a vacation as a couple (or a family, for that matter) and have never spent more than one night away, just the 2 of us. Financially, Thailand turned out to be impossible. I was heartbroken until I saw this place. The beautiful view of the snow dusted pine trees almost made me forget about the beach! And the thought of a few days away from work (the cell phones don't work out there!) but still less than 2 hours away from the kids makes me really like this place. And there are no tsunamis.

The prices are a bit steep so we're still praying. God knows we need this so much! Thailand would have cost us about 2,500 USD whereas this place will cost about 500 USD for 3 nights, meals, saunas and massages (which I totally plan on getting) included. Not bad, eh?

Well, I gotta go eat something... Ministry updates coming soon!