Saturday, May 26, 2007

During a trip to the States about 4 years ago, I was asked to go into Mexico and translate for a team from a US church. Hetee wasn't allowed to go because of the type of US visa he had so I took Nate, who was about 10 months old and nursing at the time. I'm never doing that again, by the way. It was...well, another day, another post.

Anyway, back to the swing. I didn't have much money but when I sat in this hammock swing I just had to have it! The old guy who was selling them gave me a discount and I bought it with my last $20.00. At that time we didn't have a yard or even the prospect of one but I knew that we would eventually have one since we had been praying. We brought it back to Mongolia and pretty much forgot about it. Then Hetee dug it out the other day and set it up for me. It was so nice and, for a minute, I felt like I was taking a siesta under the mango tree in Putla again. That is, until everyone came out to see what all the fuss was. It was nice to show my kids and my husband a little bit of Mexico.

Here are some pictures taken over the past couple weeks. They were taken with my phone camera so the quality is not so hot. If the quality really bothers you, buy me a digital camera and I promise it won't happen again. =)

Abi playing with my make-up...

More to come...

Child's Play

Abi in a squeeky voice: Oh, peese, peese don't put me in da cage!"
Abi in normal voice, but with a hint of scorn: You goin' to jail. You stealed somefing!
Squeeky voice: Oh no, peeeeeese!
Normal voice: I'm gonna put your horse in jail, too.
Squeeky voice: Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh...............

And on and on it goes. She's so darn cute, I wish I could just listen to her play all day. But then I probably wouldn't get anyfing done...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

An Abi-ism

Abi cracked me up today when she blessed her food. She said something like this: "Dear Statue of Liberty, thank you for this good food, Amen."

When I asked her why she prayed to the Statue of Liberty she replied that some people pray to the Buddha statue. I explained that we should only pray to God alone. She understood. Still, it impressed me that a three-year-old, who's never even seen the Statue of Liberty, and only heard about it once or twice could compare it to the Buddha statue that's up on a hill on the other side of town.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Plea

Normally I don't blog about ministry-related things very much. But I was recently asked to write something that will be published in a German missions magazine and felt impressed to share it with you all tonight.

I would like you to see this post as a plea on behalf of all of those babies who cannot open their mouths and defend themselves.

She sat perfectly still, staring down into her cup of tea. On her face, she wore an expression of disbelief accompanied with sadness and uncertainty. How would she ever cope?

Her future had been laid out like a freshly ironed shirt. Her oldest sister, who worked to support the family, made sure that her little sister was taken care of financially. Things were tight but she wanted the best for her youngest sibling who was just barely 17. Their mother was proud of both her girls. With high school graduation out of the way, they all looked forward to the furthering of her education, and the bright future that no doubt awaited this young girl who sat before me now with trembling hands.

Sitting next to her, was her young boyfriend. He had just begun his first year of university and a baby was nowhere in his plans. He knew that having sex before marriage was wrong, yet giving in seemed to give them the security they needed before he went away to school. Some security!, he thought. Now, their future was more uncertain than ever. Maybe his parents were right. For the first time, he agreed with them that his future and his education must come first. There would be plenty time for a family after he graduated and got a good paying job. Yes, he was sure that abortion was the way to go. He squared his shoulders as a look of bravado washed over him. But the boldness he felt at his decision was quickly replaced with fear once more as he glanced over at his girlfriend. Was abortion really as dangerous as they say?, he wondered. And what about the baby? Is abortion the same as killing someone? He looked hopefully at the man and woman sitting in front of him. Maybe they can give me some answers.

As my husband and I sit across from these 2 young people who are struggling with an unplanned pregnancy, I whisper a prayer for direction in how to help. Together, my husband and I have carried the pro-life torch in Mongolia for over 7 years now, and stories like this one are all too familiar to us. We explained to this young couple that under no circumstances are we to take the life of another human being and that having an abortion would mean ending the life of their precious baby. The girl, who was told by her mother and sister that she would be cut off from her family if she did not have the abortion, was torn apart. She wanted more than anything to have her baby but with no financial help from her family she felt that her only option was abortion. She knew that it was wrong but couldn’t see how she could take care of a baby with no husband, no money and no education. If only she had somewhere to turn for financial help…

In my experience in working with women in Mongolia, the number one reason for having an abortion is lack of money to raise a child. Now, thanks to a unique ministry called the Little Hearts Feeding Program, we are able to offer practical help to women in need. Through the LHFP, each week we provide them with:

  • Nutritional foods to support their pregnant bodies and growing babies
  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Birth classes
  • Prayer and counseling
  • Food and baby items once a month up to a year after the baby’s birth

These services are free for the women but they do cost money! The prices of nutrient rich and protein foods have risen in the past months and it leaves us with the need to increase the amounts spent on each woman. But given these changes in prices, it still only takes about $12.00 per week to provide for one woman. Think about it, for what most people spend on a one-time trip to McDonalds, you can save the life of a baby in Mongolia!

We currently have 7 women taking part in our program and one of them is the girl you read about. Her baby boy, Victory, is now 3 months old and he and his mom continue to receive groceries each month and counseling and prayer whenever they need it. Dad visits on the weekends and is doing great in his studies. He expresses his gratitude to us for taking care of his young wife (yes, they got married!) and son while he finishes his studies.

What about mothers who are pregnant and are NOT considering abortion, but are still faced with extreme poverty? We are currently helping 2 of these women get the nutrition they need in order to have healthy births and happy babies. Prenatal nutrition can mean the difference between a low birth weight/sick baby or a healthy birth and a healthy baby.

Please think about how you can help. We desperately need funds to keep this ministry in operation. It’s so simple yet $12.00 USD a week, just a little over one dollar a day, has actually made all the difference in the lives of countless people so far. Please help us to continue saving lives through your prayers and financial donations!

If anyone is interested in helping, please email me at to find out how.