Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sugar and Spice

Nate's back to his old self now. Thanks for praying!

Day before yesterday Abi and I spent the day at my mom's sewing. Mom and I made Abi a cute little dress. It's sleveless, like a jumper, and the top is blue denim and the skirt part of it is white with little pink and red hearts on it. I wish I had a picture...oh well, maybe later. Anyway, Abi loves her new dress and looks absolutely adorable in it.

I love having a little girl to dress up. I remember when she was born that was one of the first things that went through my mind when Hetee said, "It's a girl!" I thought, I'm going to dress her in cute clothes every chance I get!

Having a little girl following in my footsteps has made me more feminine. Whenever I'm feeling down she reminds me, in her sweet little voice, "Mommy, we're girls, huh?" I never thought my sweet little girl would quote Aerosmith but several times a day she has been known to say, "Pink is my favorite color." But when she says the word "color" it sounds like "culluh".

I only wish that, like her, I could pull off wearing a dress or skirt with boots. She can wear a cute dress with leotards or leggings and her clunky winter boots but if I try that I just look like Granny Clampet.

Seeing the world once again through the eyes of a little princess has made me appreciate more than ever the fact that I am a woman. It's comforting to know that I don't have to compete with the boys. But it is true that Abi and I are way cuter than most of them.

It's just really nice to finally have someone to share things like conditioner and lipgloss with.

Monday, January 08, 2007


Nate loves to be kissed and have something to show everyone!

Those of you reading this, please be in prayer for Nate (age4.5). He is showing symptoms of measles. The poor fella has been having fever and cold symptoms and his eyes are sensitive to light. Today we noticed the rash and now it's all over the back of his neck and back and chest.

This morning Hetee and I were discussing what we thought Nate might have and Hetee mentioned chicken pox. Nate, not one to pass up an opportunity to get extra love and attention, not to mention juice, is telling everyone he has chicken "fox".

Please pray for a speedy recovery and for Abi and Kenny's health as well. Thank you!