Friday, January 02, 2009


Thank you Marnie, from Life More Abundantly, for thinking of me! What an honor and a surprise. A great way to kick off the new year. =)

You may remember that I was awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award, a few months back. It turns out I'm in the hot seat again for this award. I'm supposed to list 6 things I'm thankful for. I can't remember what I listed before when I did my first award and I'm too lazy to dig through the archives. I never use the label feature. That would be too organized and, therefore, not me.

This time around I've decided to list 6 people I'm thankful for, instead of things, and why I'm thankful for them (see how kreativ I am?). I hope I don't upset the award gods. Cause we all know they've been showering me with awards in the past and we wouldn't want them to stop now, would we?

So without further ado:
  1. My husband, Hetee. He's not perfect, but every day he strives to better himself for me and for our children. He is my soul mate and always has my best interest at heart. He has a strong character and doesn't compromise. He stands for what is right and admits when he is wrong. I love you, Sweety!
  2. My oldest son, Nate. He's strong-willed but with a heart as soft as jell-o. Such a smart kid who usually stands firm in the face of temptation. He's my little hero! (And he lost a front top tooth today, so he's even ca-yooter!)
  3. My one and only daughter, Abigail. She's my conscience. She's usually dead-on about stuff and she's not afraid to let you know what's on her mind. She also has a sense of humor and wit that makes her sound much older than 4 and a half. She and I got each others' backs in this house full of boys. (Cause they drool and we rule.)
  4. My Baby, Kenny. I'm thankful for Kenny because he is so loveable! Even in his most toddleresque moments you can't help but smile cause he just so sweet. He gives the best pudgy-armed hugs! He talks and talks about stuff he loves like cars and boxing. He likes to yell, "Oh yeah?" right before an attack. He knows how to fight better than I do.
  5. My parents. Technically that's 2 people but they don't give this award away for doing everything by the book. I am thankful that my parents let me travel young. They raised me in Mexico and then brought me to Mongolia where I met my hubby. I'm thankful they expanded my horizons and gave me more options than the Donaldsonville gene pool. I am also thankful for my mom, who sacrificed about 10 years of her life to homeschool me. Not easy! AND I'm thankful that mom and dad live closeby love to babysit my 3 chillin.
  6. I could go on and on but, for right now, I'd have to say I'm super thankful for my helper, Munguunuu. She helps me stay sane, but not too sane. Otherwise I wouldn't be kreativ.
Moving on...

This next award was awarded to me because my blog shows attitude and/or gratitude. Hmmm. I like.

Now the hard part. If I understand correctly, all together I'm supposed to come up with 16 bloggers on whom to bestow these 2 nifty, little awards. This is hard. Why? Because I don't read that many blogs so I'm doubtful I'll be able to pull this off. But here goes my best shot:

  • Amanda, my beautiful rl buddy who lives in UB
  • Jamie E, my online buddy with whom I'd like to hang out with one day
  • Shynea, Love this blog! It rocks!
  • Anita's blog is also a great read
Aw, I need to go to sleep. I'll be thinking and maybe add more later. This is not as easy as it looks.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year! (again! hehe)

Happy New Year to all our friends and family!
We wish you all blessings, health, and prosperity in the coming year.
We love you!

Monday, December 29, 2008

What's Been Making Me Smile

  • Receiving a much anticipated package! (chocolate chips, yummy smelling bath things, 2 kitchen timers, puzzles, and, best of all, York peppermint patties and cheesecake!
  • Having my oven back to almost normal. I can bake again, yay!
  • Today someone paid me a compliment. They said I was patient.
  • Christmas service at church today. Place was packed!
  • Only 2 more months till SINGAPORE!!!
  • Being chosen to share God's love in Mongolia
  • Winning the "longest eyelashes" competition at our leaders Christmas party. Not hard to do in Mongolia.
  • Having a thoughtful, loving husband who washes dishes without complaining.
  • Talking with friends long into the night
  • My Scumble River Mysteries... Thank you again and again, Lydia!