Tuesday, October 06, 2009


We moved! The apartment we were praying for became availiable and we moved in the night before Hetee left for UB to start translating. I left the next day to join him and to translate as well. The kids stayed with my parents for the week we were gone so unpacking took a backseat until we got back and were able to focus on that. Now we're pretty much settled and Nate says that when he uses the bathroom he doesn't feel like he's at someone's house anymore. =)

Thanks for your prayers! Our apartment is in a building that is owned by the Erel cement company. The director of the company lives on the same floor as us. =) It's clean, warm (very important!) and affordable. The building and parking spaces are enclosed and we have a guard to keep an eye on things. It's nice to have a safe place for the kids to play. Best of all, we are now neighbors with our friends, the Robinsons, an awesome American family who's kids are friends with our kids. We are also much closer to town--the bank, stores etc. Makes life easier.

Tomorrow we'll be traveling to UB to renew Abi's passport. Hopefully it will be a short trip and I can get back to my nesting. Only 5 more weeks till Baby Girl is born! We're all excited, although I'm not too thrilled about labor. Hopefully I'll be sick and tired of being pregnant by then that labor will seem like a really good idea. =)

Hetee and I still can't decide upon a name and I'm starting to get anxious. I can never seem to rest until we've got the name picked out. There is one name I really like but Hetee could take it or leave it. We'll see if I can persuade him. =)