Saturday, October 30, 2010

"I'm not cute. I'm handsome. And cool."

Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Blog or not to Blog...

That is the question that has been pestering me for the past month or so. I go round and round with this. I love this mode of keeping up with my friends all over the globe but at the same time I struggle with wanting to protect my privacy and that of my family. I want to stay real but at the same time I feel vulnerable and open to criticism (which anyone who knows me well can tell you I don't take very well.) I could make my blog a private blog and only allow close friends to read it, but by keping it open to the public I have made some really neat friends that I would have never met otherwise.

A few weeks ago I was ready to give up blogging. Besides not having much time to do it I was thinking that maybe I was "over" blogging. Like, I didn't need it anymore. But as I imagined my life without this little outlet, a place for me to be me, I felt sad and even protective. I may not write as often as I would like but, yes I think I will keep my blog. I will write. I will be bold at times and closed and conservative at others. I will opt for the comment moderation option and I will feel free to delete your comment if I am so inclined. =)

So, fellow blogger who encouraged me to write today (You know who you are), thank you.