Saturday, January 10, 2009

So here's the deal

A couple years ago Hetee and I began talking about taking a vacation. We'd never really had any sort of vacation apart from our 2 day honeymoon we spent roaming around Ulaan Baatar. We were able to take 3 days off last November at a Mongolian tourist camp and it was nice. Then last summer we visited another similar place and took the kids with us. It was a working trip, though so we really didn't have much time with the kids much less alone, just the 2 of us.

We decided on Malaysia, just a short trip, just the 2 of us and we'd travel light, backpacker style. (interesting sentence structure, there.) We tried to get away last year but after the upheaval that came to our church in April, it was plainly clear that we would not be going anywhere for a while. And that was when we really needed this time the most. So we waited it out, sorted it out and now, things are a lot better on the church/ministry front. NOW, we could afford to take some time off and boy, do we need it! Mongolian winters alone are harsh and I've been here for 11 of them in a row! It'd be nice to see the beach and dig my toes in the sand again! Not to mention the seafood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, this coming March we have been invited to take a team to the international G12 conference in Singapore (a 3 hour bus ride from Malaysia, I'm told)! The church we are affiliated with there, FCBC, has pledged 5,000.00 USD to help us get the team there and they will also provide lodging for everybody. Our team currently consists of 15 people, including us. They all still have to raise half their airfares. Hetee and I still have to raise all of ours (about 1,660.00 USD).

After the G12 conference Hetee and I have been invited to attend the G12 Asia Leadership for Meeting. It will be for 2 days and THEN, this is where I really need you to pray, we want to take another 4-5 days off just backpacking around Singapore and Malaysia. We don't need a lot of money but we don't have any now so it seems like an impossibility.

This whole trip, the conferences and the time of rest we are planning for afterward are very important to us. We are so looking forward to bringing our team, many of whom have never been out of Mongolia before. I am looking forward to worshiping in English, something I miss very much. We are all looking forward to being refreshed and energized!

Hetee and I have worked in ministry together since day one. We are looking forward to just being able to wander around with no responsibility (the kids will stay with my mom and dad and my helper so they'll be in good hands) and no stress for a few days and just get to know each other all over again. Please pray that we can accomplish this. I can't tell you how much we need this. Hetee and I have been working extra hard, doing freelance translating and teaching English to make some cash. We still have a lot to do.

If you feel lead to, you can make a contribution to help us go. You can go over to our ministry blog (which I haven't updated in a while. I know, I know) and make a donation by clicking on the (paypal is free, if you need to sign up first) "donate" button. We have about 7 weeks left before we buy our tickets and anything donated before then will be saved up for that purpose.

Please pray for us and the rest of the team. They still have to raise half their airfare and pocket money for the trip--about 600 all together but that is a LOT of money for Mongolians. We want them all to go. They are the key leaders in our church at the moment. If you would like to sponsor one specific leader or more please do so and email us at with the details.

God bless you all and thanks again for standing with us in prayer and ministry!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sweet Child of Mine

Tonight Abi cracked me up a couple times.

After bath time, I was combing out her long hair and I asked if it was ok if I practiced French braiding it. She agreed and after we slipped on the scrunchie she ran her hands up and down her long braid. She had a quizzical expression on her face so I showed her in the mirror and asked what she thought about it. She replied, "It feels English". Get it?! French braid!

Seriously, what am I going to do with her? She is cuteness all wrapped up in an almost 5 year-old body with a freckle on the nose!

Then after the braid episode I called her to come and brush her teeth and trim her fingernails. She whined that she wanted to let her fingernails grow. So, I told her that we'd let her fingernails grow only if she quit sucking her thumb. She said, "OK, I quit! But sometimes I really can't stop when I say I want to. Especially when my thumb is so yummy. It tastes just like PANCAKES!"

Munch, munch... that's me gnawing at her cheeks... =)

Sorry, no pics...Hetee's bugging me to get off the pc...