Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hello everyone

Yesterday Hetee did his first funeral. A sweet old man, the oldest man in our church in fact, passed away from heart failure about 4 days ago at the age of 76. He was survived by his wife of over 50 years and their 8 children. This was the first time someone has ever been waked at our church and it was the first funeral Hetee has ever done. He did really great and I was very proud of him.

On a lighter note...

Last night we went ice skating again. We had a really good time and I only fell once--yay! It was pretty hard but I managed to only bruise one knee this time. My wrist feels funny, though. I think I twisted it a bit when holding on to the railing to catch my balance.

We had a fun crew skating-- Some new pastor friends we met recently, Sodoo and Aldaraa and some old friends, Odhuu and Saruul, whom we hadn't fellowshipped with in sooooo long due to extremely busy schedules. Sodoo and Aldaraa happened to meet Odhuu and Saruul and developed a friendship with them and found out they knew us and, well, we decided to all get together. And since it was Aldaraa's birthday we had a good excuse. Anyway, Saruul and I were very close back in the beginning, especially around the time Hetee and I got married but somehow just drifted apart over the years--something that I really felt bad about. =( So last night, as we were skating, I pulled her over and apologized and promised to be a better friend. She apologized too and we hugged and both felt so much better.

Saruul, me, and Aldaraa

After skating we all went to our apartment and talked and played and listened to Sodoo do impressions of the Mongolian voice-overs of the Jesus film. It was hysterical!

Here's to starting off the new year with a life well lived, a Christian funeral, new friends and rekindling friendships with old ones.