Friday, April 18, 2008

It sure has been a while! I'm sorry for dropping off like that. While the events of the past three weeks have kept me from blogging, I have not ceased to feel bad for my readers who check in every day to see if I've posted something new.

Some of you are aware of the changes that have been taking place here among our church leadership. I didn't feel free blogging about it but if you are concerned and would like to know how to help, you can email me at and I'll get back to you. For those of you who prayed us through this, thank you!

Here are some random updates from our life since I last posted:

  1. I got a minor concussion and have been dizzy on and off ever since (we hit a big bump in the car and I wasn't buckled in)
  2. Nate made a new friend and told him about Jesus using a picture Bible
  3. Hetee sprouted quite a few gray hairs
  4. Kenny has fallen in love with Spider Man and Pingu
  5. Nate drew a picture of a girl outside with sidewalk chalk, named her Linda and said it was his girlfriend
  6. I've become addicted to Chinese food. Must be the MSG
  7. 2 of my cell group women gave birth. Our meetings just got a lot noisier! 2 down, 2 to go...
  8. Abi and I are soooooo excited about "skirt weather" getting closer
  9. Nate informed me that the chives were growing and picked me some for my scrambled eggs. Ah, Spring!
  10. Hetee and I have become more dependent on God's grace, which we have discovered again and again to be more than enough.
All for now...I gotta get my day started!