Saturday, October 25, 2008

My First Meme!!!

I've seen memes on other people's blogs before and have always secretly hoped that someone would notice and tag little old me. Well, Jamie, over at why not one more has tagged me!

So, ready or not, 7 weird things about me:

  1. I almost never get sick.
  2. I have a tattoo on my left shoulder/back. It's my husbands name in old Mongolian script. Coolest thing ya ever saw.
  3. I always burn the last pancake.
  4. All my births were pain med free. 2 were unassisted home births. Yet, I'm still a ninny baby when it comes to pain.
  5. I'm very sarcastic so it kills me that most Mongolians don't get sarcastic humor. They just look at me like I'm nuts.
  6. I speak English, Spanish, Mongolian and some Russian. I understand Portuguese, Italian and some French and Latin. I speak to my kids in all these languages and even Kenny can say some basic Russian words. My husband and I both love languages.
  7. I hate paperwork and anything that has to do with the American Embassy or passports or visas. They give me hives. It's right up there with my dislike and distrust of the Mongolian medical system. *Shiver*
I tag Shelly, Amanda, Tessa, Marnie, Daja, Cheri, and Michele.

Have fun, ladies!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Update in Bullets

It's been a while so I'll catch try and catch up in one post.

  • On the 16,17,and 18th of October we held a Marriage Encounter Weekend. Pastors Melvyn and Linda Mak from Singapore came and taught. Hetee translated and was exhausted! 25 couples attended and were very blessed!
  • The couples were asked to exchange gifts after the ceremony for the renewing of the vows and Hetee and I unknowingly got each other silver necklaces. We laughed as we figured out that we bought them from the same place.
  • Our anniversary was on the 20th. We dressed up and went out to eat at The Empire, in a private room. About halfway through our meal, Hetee said he had to go out for a minute. He returned with a tiny white and gray kitten with a pink bow around her neck and a long stemmed red rose. I was sooooo surprised because I had heard about the kittens and was begging him for one for days. He refused and told me to forget about it. So it was a cool thing for him to do. Kitty's name is Molly. Had to bathe her 4 times to get rid of the fleas. Now she's flea-free and squeeky clean.
  • Our friend John visited from the Ststes and brought me some Reece's Peanut Butter Cups. We also had a good time to visit and talk. He also brought some good books and instant oatmeal... =) =) =)
  • My kids love Reece's as much as I do.
  • Still no nanny/helper. Not many prospects either.
  • Got a package from Shelly, Rachelle, and Aunt Becky. Tons of cool stuff for the kids!
  • The ATM problem is being resolved. We should get all or most of our money. You know the economy is bad when they start stealing from missionaries and pastors...
  • I'm tired of saying, "Leave the cat alone!"
  • Nate is reading and writing in English and Mongolian. I'm not pressuring him. So far so good.
  • Had an awesome time to soaking in the Lord last night at my cell group. We ministered to one another in the Holy Spirit and felt refreshed.
  • We have a dead mouse rotting under the floor in the kitchen. We have tried to get to it, gagging the whole time but there's no way unless we break the floor up.
  • Kenny is learning all about boundaries and limits. He's quite the toddler these days.
  • Abi went to school with Nate the other day. She spent the day crying to come home apparently. At one point Nate took her on his lap and wiped her tears away and kissed her. The entire faculty heard about it and were moved. I think it scored him some major points with certain girls in the classroom. =)