Wednesday, July 04, 2007


What a week! Traveling to and from UB 3 times has taken its toll. The first trip was to retrieve some things that were donated to our church and sent via railway shipping container from Hong Kong. The second trip was to pick up a friend from the airport and the third trip was to bring him back and to go see a doctor for a bad cough I had developed over the week.

I was leary of seeing a doctor but when it became evident that I would have to I opted for the private Korean hospital. When I arrived, I told the receptionist that I had a cough and pain in my chest and she told me to go up to the second floor. She said there was an American doctor there. I couldn't believe my luck!

I went up to his office and saw his name on the door. I had heard his name before and even emailed him a couple times before but never met him. Anyway, he was really nice and checked me out and listened to everything I had to say about my symptoms. He said it's not pneumonia ( I was pretty sure it wasn't because I've had it before and it was different) or bronchitis. I asked about TB since we come in contact with it a lot here and he said he didn't think so but becuase I have small kids I should get checked anyway. He was concerned about my weight-- 117 lbs. compared to the usual 127 pre-pregnancy lbs. He said it may be an indication of TB OR it could all-- the cough/chest pain and the weight loss-- be related to stress, which has been higher than normal lately.

Anyway, I still need to get testet for TB. I tried to do it in UB but they have been out of the shot since may. I heard they have it in Darkhan so I'll try here soon.

I seriously don't think it's TB and, of course, we are praying it's not. But, I'll feel much better after I know for sure.

I'm eagerly awaiting harvest season (late July-September) so that I can start my juice fast with all new veggies. I think a juice fast will make me feel a whole lot better!

Hetee got me a chest freezer today! I've been wanting one for a couple years now but recently it has become more necessary. I have been making weekly meal plans to save us $ and time. I try to do all of my monthly shopping at once so I can buy in bulk and save on gas, too. This is where the freezer comes in. I can buy the beef, chicken and even some veggies and prepare and freeze them all at once. Just another way he makes my life easier.

Speaking of HIM, his birthday is coming up on the 9th. I'm planning a little overnight getaway and made him swear he'd take the time off. There's a little retreat place that we've never been to but we heard that it is quite nice. It's in a wooded area near a river not too far away. Basically, we just want to SLEEP and not have to hurry out of bed the next morning. No kids, phones or visitors. Just me, him, some junk food and season 6 of 24, ha ha!

Well, I'm off to bed. Love y'all!

Oh yeah, happy fourth! We celebrated by eating banana muffins on American flag napkins for breakfast.