Friday, June 05, 2009

Little Update

Thanks for the prayers! Kenny is slowly recovering. His appetite is picking up but he still can't eat well because of the mouth sores. He asked for his favorite thing to eat, bread and peanut butter, many times during the day today and yesterday but each attempt to eat it was met with wails of frustration and pain. He's still very clingy and fussy so prayers for my sanity during this time are much appreciated!

Abi and Nate have been in Ulaan Baatar visiting their Mongolian grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins. They left yesterday and will be back on Sunday or Monday. Hetee will be preaching at our church in UB and will bring them back with him. I miss them already but it is nice to have this time with Kenny as he recovers. Since the house is a bit more quiet with them gone he's been able to sleep more during the day. And I've been squeezing in some naps myself, too. =)

Today Hetee and I saw our precious new one through ultrasound. All is fine; there's one baby, not two. =) I would have loved to have twins but, oh well, not this time anyway. The baby did not move very much for us. Only his/her arms moved in a boxing/punching motion. So cute! One leg came up then down again once. I can't wait to chew (gently, haha) on those toes!

I have been having a stretching/pulling sort of pain on the right side of my abdomen. We found out today that it is exactly where the placenta lies. It could have something to do with that. As long as I take it easy (yeah right!) the pain is nothing more than a nuisance.

In other news, I am ABSOLUTELY in love with the song "Won't Stop" by OneRepublic. Check it out! It's catchy!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Prayers Needed

Three days ago Kenny started having a fever of about 99-101. The fever came and went throughout the last few days and nights. About the second night I gave him tylenol. Since Nate had mumps the week before we assumed Kenny was coming down with the mumps, too. But it became clear that Kenny was in a lot more discomfort than Nate was.

Then yesterday I noticed a little sore right below his bottom lip. After checking his mouth we discovered several more little canker-like sores on his lips and tongue. At this point his symptoms pointed to hand,foot and mouth disease (coxsackievirus; enterovirus 71). I called the American doctor in town and set an appointment for this morning.

After checking Kenny, Dr. Pham discovered that Kenny's throat is also infected. He doesn't think it's anything extremely serious. Since we can't get a lab test here we have no way of knowing exactly if it is hand,foot and mouth disease or not. It may be strep throat and the canker sores (so far I've counted 10!)could be from the high fever he was having, since he doesn't have any sores on his hands and feet.

Whatever it is, Kenny is one miserable little guy. Please believe with us for a quick recovery and health for the rest of our family.

We appreciate your prayers!