Saturday, February 10, 2007


A few weeks ago, during the offering time at church Nate asked me again why we put money in the box. The music was loud and people were crowding around us so I hurriedly answered, "We're giving it to Jesus." He leaned over to Abi, who was sitting quietly holding her offering money and said, "Abi, go give your money to Jesus, He's in that little box!"

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Nate holding his nose, staring at a cow head for sale at the meat market.

Little Ayalguu would like to say "Thank You" to those who gave so his mommy could have a healthy pregnancy and a safe birth. Because of you, his mommy continues to get nutritional food every week until his first birthday!

Little Hearts Feeding Program

Last week we started up our Little Hearts feeding program again. We had taken a break for a while because of a lack of funds. Now we have 4 pregnant women and one who has just given birth to a baby boy. For those of you who aren't familiar with the process, what we do is, once a week, provide nutritional groceries for pregnant women who are faced with an unwanted pregnancy and are living in extreme poverty. In Mongolia, many women in this situation opt for abortion because they think it's the only way out. But when we help in this way many of them feel secure and decide to have their baby after all. Some of them are unwed mothers and some of them are married to abusive/alcoholic husbands who pressure them to abort. Some of the women have planned pregnancies but are poor and cannot get proper nutrition.

When the ladies meet me to pick up their groceries we go over any questions they may have and then, have a time of prayer for the developing baby and for any problems the woman might be facing. I also check their blood pressure and, hopefully, soon will be able to monitor their hemoglobin (need the equipment!), glucose and protein levels (medical care here does not include these basics!)

It does not cost very much--$7.00 a week will provide for 1 pregnant mother. I haven't been to the States in a while but I think that's about the cost of a meal at McDonalds'. I'm still trying to raise funds for this on-going project so if anyone would like to help save lives and give babies a better start, please just send your donations via Paypal (email address: One dollar a day is already making a difference for 5 women and their babies!

Much Ado About Green Cards

Whew! The past few weeks have been so full and busy! With so many things (and people) clamoring for my attention I thought I'd never get a chance to catch my breath let alone sit down and type up a post. But I love blogging so here I am, with droopy eyelids, typing away...

So, what has kept me so busy? Well, about 2 weeks ago, I realized with a start that my green card to be in the country expired in 3 days. So, Hetee and I got busy collecting the paperwork we needed to get it extended. This includes a crime report from the police station, a letter from our district office saying that I do indeed live where I say I do on my green card, and the results of yet another HIV test among other things. All of this should have been done 30 days prior to the last date on the stamp on my green card, but we kind of forgot so we had to do it all really fast before I became illegal. If any of you have ever done paperwork in UB involving more than 3 government offices, you can imagine what it was like. I was pretty stressed out until Hetee said, "Hey, we always wanted to be on Amazing Race!"

We got to the Foreign Affairs office and waited until someone could see us. The young man who took my case didn't even bat an eye at the fact that we were tardy. He even had it stamped right away since we were coming from Darkhan so we wouldn't have to make the trip back to UB to pick it up in 4 business days. God bless him.

So, I'm legal for another 2 years and I'm HIV negative, too. Woohoo!

The following Saturday Abi and I went back to UB to pick up my dear friend, Tuya from the airport. She was returning from serving 2 years aboard the Doulos. It was great to see her and It was also great to spend some girl-time with Abi. We got to UB early and ate lunch at an American-style restaurant. We had a cheeseburger, fries, Dr. Pepper, and a strawberry milkshake. Abi was in stitches about the pink milkshake! The waiter even put 2 pink, heart-shaped straws in it for us. She thought it was the cat's meow! When it was time to leave Abi cried, and to my embarrassment, it was loud enough for the entire restaurant to hear. It was really out of character for her to do that so I could tell that she REALLY liked it there. We weren't in a hurry so I told her we could stay a while longer. After leaving the restaurant we walked to the UB church office building and giddily rode the "alligator" (Abi's word for elevator). Country come to town.