Monday, November 03, 2008

What's Been Making Me Smile...

  • A visit from a dear friend
  • Reece's and Swiss Miss
  • My hubby helping me out so much around the house
  • Delicious chicken Gumbo and Louis Armstrong
  • My boys, wearing their sister's dresses and acting oh-so-silly
  • Thoughts of a new Wives' Bible Study I'll be starting soon
  • A wonderfully relaxing facial and brow tweezing. Who knew something so simple could make me feel like a million bucks?!
  • Seeing a herd of camels, horses, sheep and goats roaming around town!
So, what's been making you smile?

I'd Like To Thank The Academy...

For giving me this award. You spelled "creative" wrong, though. That's ok.

No seriously, I am very honored that Shynea, over at Penny Pinching Diva has selected me for this award. I can't stop blabbering about it! I really am touched that my blog has reached so many people in a positive way.

The rules say that I must list 6 things (besides the Academy) that I am thankful for:
  1. My marriage. My husband and I have a great relationship with each other. We love each other despite (or because of?) our weaknesses. We both strive to be a better spouse and it shows in our every day lives.
  2. My children. I have the most wonderful children! Oh, they come with their flaws and challenges but I wouldn't change a thing in them. They are growing up into great people who are caring, generous and who love God. What more could I ask for?
  3. For my parents living close by.
  4. Our family's good health. Besides a toothache, a cold or the occasional allergy, we're all pretty healthy.
  5. A church and ministry that I enjoy. Sometimes, things can get tough but overall, I am content with where I am and what I'm doing.
  6. Friends who bring/send goodies from home. Anytime I use something they've sent, I think of them and it makes me feel all warm inside. I really, really deeply appreciate each and package and its contents. I'd like to mention a few here:
  • Twila, for the cake sprinkles and conditioner, among other things. Also my kids LOVE the "Critical Thinking" books!
  • Shelly and the gang, for the kids' toothbrushes (and tons of other stuff). I think of y'all every night at bedtime.
  • Aunt Ella, for Abi's tutus and dresses. She's all girl, ya know.
  • Cheri, for the spices! Every time my house smells of oregano, I think of you! Would you believe, I've given a bunch of it away and now we have all these Mongolian housewives cooking really good spaghetti.
  • Sara, for the countless times you have blessed our family with packages. I think of you each time I get a glass of water from our water filter. You have made my time in Mongolia a real joy, blessing me with your thoughtful treats from home. From clothes, to chocolate chips and toys for the kids. You and Brad are a gift from above!
  • Pastor Chris and Sandy for blessing us each time Pastor Chris comes to visit. From Prenatal and children's vitamins to Reece's Pieces, you take my little comforts seriously and love to bless us all. And to the congregation of COTR, for releasing Pastor Chris to come and bless us, THANK YOU!
  • John and Diana, for the love and care you have for us and our church. Especially for Diana's chocolate ministry. A vital part in all our lives. Thanks for always offering to bring something special from home. It means a lot to me. Everybody needs Velveeta from time to time. I'm not ashamed.
And now, I'd like to pass this award on to the following people (it's supposed to be 6 but, this is the best I can do for now):

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