Monday, September 25, 2006

25 things I can't stand
  1. the phone ringing when I'm napping
  2. my kids' whining
  3. anyone else's whining
  4. when people do what the doctor says, no questions asked
  5. when people expect me to translate things
  6. milk tea (hot, salty Mongolian drink)
  7. having my electricity or hot water cut off for no apparent reason
  8. when a single person with no kids tells me they're tired. Get a life!
  9. rice
  10. mutton
  11. anyone who looks down on my husband
  12. gardening (I hope my life never depends on that one!)
  13. when people let their children control their lives
  14. when I break something expensive
  15. taking medicine
  16. racism
  17. divorce
  18. too much (or too big) jewelry
  19. when people don't turn off their cell phones in a meeting
  20. when women think they don't have enough milk to nurse their baby
  21. paperwork!
  22. Not being able to see my brother and sisters whenever I want
  23. when children suffer because of their parents' (or teachers' or doctor's) ignorance
  24. laziness
  25. casting my hard-earned pearls of wisdom before swine

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