Saturday, October 28, 2006

I am a people watcher and I'm always curious about what goes on in other people's lives, especially conversations between family members. I thought it might be fun to let you all in on what would be a typical conversation on any given day in our household.

Daddy: Nate, put your shoes on. We're in a hurry.
Nate: Which ones?
Daddy: the Spiderman ones. Abi, find your boots!
Abi: I'm wearing my sandals.
Mommy: No, Abi, you can't wear sandals, it's cold outside. Find your boots now or we'll be late!
Daddy: Love, did you ever find your keys?
Mommy: Yes! Oyuna (our nanny) found them in my black purse, the one I looked in 3 times!
Daddy: Abi, did you find your boots?
Abi: Mommy, why do we have fingernails?
Abi: OK momma.
Mommy: Nate, you cannot bring all of those toys out with you. Pick one.
Nate: Why?
Mommy: Because I am always the one who has to carry them for you.
Mommy: Did he fall?!
Daddy: No, he's just hot with all these layers of clothes on. Let's MOVE!
Mommy: Nate, your shoes are on the wrong feet!
Nate: But they look ok.
Mommy: That doesn't matter. Switch them, please.
Abi: Put my boots on, put my boots on, put my boots on....
Daddy: Abi quiet, pease!
Nate: Mommy, why don't we celebrate Halloween?
Mommy: I'll explain later. Ok, let's go, we're ready.
Daddy: Love, I'll take Nate and Kenny and go get the car. You and Abi come as soon as you're ready.
Mommy: Sounds like a plan.

I finish up, grab my bag, close the door and lock it. I look down at my feet because they just didn't feel right. I gasp then sigh. I still have my fluffy green slippers on.

Abi: Mommy, why do we have fingernails?

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Anonymous said...

Oh Boy...That sounds familiar!