Thursday, October 12, 2006

Things I never thought I'd say:

  • "Abi, take your foot out of the washing machine and finish your supper!"
  • "No, Kenny will not shrink if we take him out in the rain."
  • "Nate, you cannot blow on that bugle while your daddy is preaching!"
  • "No, we will not flood the bathroom just to see if the downstairs neighbors get mad at us."
  • "Who threw my tea ball off the balcony?"
  • "Oh my gosh, Abi, where did you get that gum you're chewing?!"
  • "It's okay, really, the veins in his head will not freeze if I don't put a hat on him." (Refering to Kenny when an elderly lady at church fussed at me for not putting a hat on him.)
  • "Nate, come and get me past this level on the game!"


Gombojav said...

My favorite thing I thought I'd never say: "We do not eat things that come out of our noses!"

akilah bronaugh said...

How funny, I look forward to the future!