Thursday, February 22, 2007

A while back I posted about Nate having the measles. Well, it turns out that it wasn't measles, after all. It was just some virus that's been going around. After Nate got it, I came down with it, then Kenny had it and now Abi has it. She was miserable yesterday--she had fever her eyes were hurting. She was also so self-concious of her spots and kept saying that it was just "a bunch of freckles". I think the worst is over now and she should be feeling better by tomorrow.

Nate, Kenny and I are fighting colds but other than that everything here is going pretty good.

Today I was reminded of how big Nate is getting when he announced that he was going to cook lunch. With the help of Begi, a young girl who hangs out at our house a lot, he mixed rice, little pieces of carrot and garlic that he cut with a dull knife, and chicken bullion with water and--get this-- mandarin juice! Begi put it on the stove and cooked it then served us. Everyone tasted it and was full of compliments for the chef! It wasn't bad at all! I know teenage girls who cook a lot worse than that.

Nate also likes going to the store by himself and buying things like bread or ice cream. He is getting so independant and I have to be careful not to be too helpful sometimes. The other day he asked if he could go and buy some bread with his own money. I watched him from our 5th story window as he trudged through the snow, falling several times. He came home, proud as punch that he had contributed to the family table. My baby is becoming such a little man!

Kenny is 8 months and "cruising" already. He has another tooth, now too. Kenny is such a daddy's boy. He loves cuddling and playing rough with Hetee, and when Hetee's not home, Kenny sees his clothes lying around and crawls to them and puts his head on them! It's so cute that they have that bond. Today I took Kenny out of the tub and was trying to dress him but as soon as I took my hands off him he was off, crawling as fast as his fat, little knees could take him, away to his daddy who was sitting nearby. Too funny!

So what have I been up to? Besides daydreaming about life in a house with a yard, I have been learning how to make granola bars. I tried a recipe I found on then I tweaked it a bit and made some more. =) They make a great snack for a mom on the move, like me. I'll have to post my version here soon.

For now, I'm off to bed. Today was my grocery shopping day. I shopped for us and for 6 "Little Hearts" ladies we are helping--whew! I'm beat!

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amanda said...

what a great post. a little slice of your life. :) not sure i would have liked nate's concoction. mandarin juice and garlic? hmmm.....