Saturday, May 26, 2007

During a trip to the States about 4 years ago, I was asked to go into Mexico and translate for a team from a US church. Hetee wasn't allowed to go because of the type of US visa he had so I took Nate, who was about 10 months old and nursing at the time. I'm never doing that again, by the way. It was...well, another day, another post.

Anyway, back to the swing. I didn't have much money but when I sat in this hammock swing I just had to have it! The old guy who was selling them gave me a discount and I bought it with my last $20.00. At that time we didn't have a yard or even the prospect of one but I knew that we would eventually have one since we had been praying. We brought it back to Mongolia and pretty much forgot about it. Then Hetee dug it out the other day and set it up for me. It was so nice and, for a minute, I felt like I was taking a siesta under the mango tree in Putla again. That is, until everyone came out to see what all the fuss was. It was nice to show my kids and my husband a little bit of Mexico.


Gombojav Tribe said...

I really like that first picture, the one with the baby in your lap. You look beautiful!

Amanda said...

i agree with gombojav. could you be more beautiful? i think not.