Saturday, June 09, 2007

June 1st-- Children's Day

Children's Day was on June 1st. It was cold and windy so we didn't go far. They were selling kites in the park so Hetee got 2 for the kids. They had so much fun flying them. Here's Abi holding on for dear life. The wind was about to pick her up off her feet!

Here's Hetee, tweaking Nate's bat kite so it would fly better. It worked!

Nate had the time of his life! The perfect way to spend a cold, windy day in Mongolia. =)


~ Amanda ~ said...

i love all the pix. i can't wait to play in the sandbox with your kids! :)

Melanie said...

Me too!

Anonymous said...

Mel, great pictures.. It makes me think how much we long for being in Mongolia. Our hearts did not come back! We love you guys and miss you a lot..Hope to see you someday soon. I have a meeting next Monday in Seattle and I will tell you how it goes in a letter to your email. R&K