Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kenny's Birthday

Today we celebrated Kenny's birthday by going to the river where I labored for him exactly 1 year ago. It was fun to hold him and play with him there. Here are some pictures...

Kenny wears this "worried" expression pretty much all the time. He looks serious but he's really quite funny and likes to smile and cuddle a lot.

Here's Nate, blowing off some steam. It's tough being a big brother!

Big sister, Abigail, pouring dirt on daddy's back. He was asleep and never noticed.

Here's me, reminiscing... This is where Kenny and my birth journey began.

Kenny, in his birthday suit, trying to wrestle daddy's phone away from him.

Abi, testing the water.

There's that worried look again...

I love you, Baby!

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Sara said...

Happy BIrthday Kenny!!! I wish I was there to give you birthday hugs and kisses!