Friday, August 03, 2007

Happy Birthday, Nate!

Today is Nate's 5th birthday!

My, how time flies...

This morning Nate and I were in the kitchen making pancakes (his birthday breakfast request) and I was telling him all about the night he was born. He was fascinated and asked a lot of questions.
Nate, born at 9:20 pm on Aug 3rd

Sometimes he asks me why I had him at a hospital, with "bad" doctors, yet, had Abi and Kenny at home. I told him that it was not because of him (children seem to blame themselves for the most absurd things!) and that mommy and daddy are a lot smarter now because of him and his birth. He then asked me-- get this-- if the doctors tried to abort him! I told him, "no"and that he never had to worry about that. But there was something about his birth that holds a lot of meaning for us.

I remember the first time I set eyes on the delivery chair (or whatever they call that contraption) at the hospital where he was born. I recognized it since I'd seen it before at abortion clinics as same ones they used for abortions.

Next to the "chair" was a basin full of abortion tools-- curettes, pincers ( I can't remember the name in English! They look like mini forceps), etc. I noticed these were still there as Nate was being born. Funny how you see these things even in the throes of hard labor!

It was during a moment of respite from the contractions when I had a "thought", that I felt, was a prophetic one. I thought, wouldn't it be a hoot if the most powerful pro-lifer Mongolia were to ever know, were born on an abortionist's table into an abortionist's hands? (many Ob's double as abortionists) Only God could have thought that up!

Nate getting to know Grandpa

Today he's quite the pro-lifer. He's been to countless seminars and classes and could probably teach one by now. He's sat in on many birth classes and has been there for his sister's birth and actually assisted his little brother's birth. He knows babies are a gift from God and that they are alive from conception. He knows abortion is murder. He knows more than most adults.

With Abi, minutes after her birth

The other day, out of the blue, he said something that made me go "whoa". We were sitting in the car waiting for someone and he stated matter of factly that I hadn't done any pro-life seminars in a while. He then pointed out that babies are dying every day so, "Please hurry and tell as many people as you can".

Holding his brand new baby brother

The other day Nate and I were taking a walk outside and I was using the opportunity to instill some wisdom into him. I told him that life had 2 cycles--in the first cycle, mommy and daddy are responsible for him and his siblings. It is our job to feed, clothe, and provide for any needs they may have. But after they grow up, the second cycle begins and then it is their turn to care for mommy and daddy help us in any way we may need it.

Funny and lovable--that's Nate

He nodded his head in full agreement and told me eagerly that he "may have" changed his mind about being a rock star/astronaut and wanted instead to be an electrician. I think that he came to that decision as the reality of taking care of mommy and daddy sunk in. He then told me that he would be a very good electrician and would buy clothes and juice for us with his paychecks. I told him that was very generous of him.

So, my Nater Potater turns 5 today. I gave him a "grown up" New Testament, among a few other things. We started reading it today.

I made him a cake, decorated like a soccer ball and he was thrilled with it. I was disappointed that my icing didn't come out better, but I didn't let it ruin the fun!

The past 5 years of my life have been full of wonder, joy, frustration, tantrums, tears and change. I can only imagine what the next 5 years will bring!

God Bless you, Nate. Mommy loves you!


~ Amanda ~ said...

i'm praying for kenny and abi and YOU. i can't wait to see you and give you a huge hug.
tell nate that i said happy birthday and he'll be getting a big birthday hug from me soon.

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

What a prophetic birth! You are definitely raising him in line with who God made him to be in the beginning. I pray he'll give true life to abortionists and open their eyes...