Thursday, August 30, 2007

This morning Kenny threw up on my head and woke me up. My day pretty much went downhill from there.

Nate was obstinate and Abi was cranky. Kenny wanted no one, but momma.

I dared not bake anything. With my track record I was doomed for failure.

When I finally got around to getting online, I discovered that some anonymous person left me a poo poo comment on this blog. I started to answer it then I decided to let it go. To the trash can that is.

I have another mouth ulcer and I'm seriously craving uninterrupted sleep. Like a month's worth.

If you get a minute, please lift me up before the Lord. I hate complaining but it feels so good sometimes and well, it's my blog so I can complain if I want to.


eduardo waghorn said...

Hello there!

Sailing in the blogosphere I found your interesting blog.
Mongol Uls...the magic and remote country...the land of the Great Genghis Khan's Empire:)
And you got marry with mongol man, and got a cute baby!! Incredible!!:)
My dream is going there (Ulaan bataar...!) and know your wonderfull vaste territory...Get the peace inside me...

If you could say me some greeting in mongolese, I could feel very good, thank you...What about your own special scripture???

If you want, visit my blogs, you can use my translation on movilwagg, the principal one.
Warm greetings from Chile, Southamerica!!
Keep blogging...

mandkhaic said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Hope the kids don't have anything serious and can get over it sooner. I want you to know that you are getting through this period with three small kids godly and show mothers like me courage, wisdom and sense of humor to get through the day.

Melanie said...

Hola Eduardo, hablas espannol, no? Gracias por dejarme un comentario. Yo tambien hablo espannol. Creci en Oaxaca, Mexico. Tengo viviendo en Mongolia casi 10 annos y yo y mi esposo tenemos 3 hijos.

Mongolia es un lugar lindo y lleno de sorpresas! Me encantaria ensennarte algunas frases. Hola sa dice "Sain uu" y adios se dice "bayartai".

Pues espero que me escribas algo mas. =) Que Dios te bendiga!