Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Day

(In case you were interested)

My day started out pretty slow. The kids had had their breakfast by the time I got up, around 9 (thanks to Beegii, a girl who's staying with us). Hetee and I shared an omelet and then I got Nate started on his school work.

Later in the afternoon, Hetee dropped the kids and me off at my parents'. The plan was that I'd sew something but, I totally lacked inspiration. I ended up putting together a little apron for Abi. Hetee came to get us just as I was finishing up and he helped sew the ties on.

Abi has a habit of climbing on her daddy any time she can. Here he is, putting the finishing touches on her apron. He doesn't sew much but he has sewn a tool belt for Nate.

Then it was back home to our leader's meeting. We're celebrating advent all together and also had a lot of work to talk about, too.

After the meeting, some of us headed over to the Chinese restaurant, "Asian Brand" to bid farewell to our dear friends, Daagii and Soko, who are moving to Erdenet with their 4 young children to take over our mission church there. We will miss them terribly, but it's good to know that they are only about 2 1/2 hours away.
Daagii and Soko

Me and my Honey, taken at the Chinese restaurant

And now, it's after 11 pm so I'll be signing off. God bless!


Twila G. said...

I love hearing about your day! I wish I could sew. You'll have to post a picture of Abi's apron. I'll bet she loves it. You and Hetee are such a good looking couple! By the way, Heidi has mononucleosis. She is finally starting to feel better though.

mandkhaic said...

write more of your days. Good, goofy, bad, crazy doesn't matter... I just love to read your blog. It is something I look forward to when I turn on my computer

~ Amanda ~ said...

the picture of abi climbing on hetee is priceless. and the fact that he sews sometimes....love it! can't wait to see you again soon. :)