Sunday, January 20, 2008

For Twila

Twila is my package exchange buddy whom I met via this blog. Most recently I sent her a camel wool shawl in exchange for all kinds of cake and cookie decoration goodies from the US. I'm always having trouble emailing pictures so I thought I'd post them here. That way, everyone else can enjoy them, too. =)

Kenny had so much fun shaking, stacking and knocking everything down again! Abi and Nate and I got started on a batch of cookies right away and tried out our fun, new cookie cutters. =)

I'm so thankful for a new friend! (And a house that's warm enough for Kenny to wear shorts and a muscle shirt in the middle of winter!)


Twila G. said...

Thanks so much for this post and the adorable pictures! I'm so glad you all are enjoying the sprinkles etc. I love my shawl!

DarthJader said...

Those chubby cheeks are too much! I wish I were there to squeeze that little dumpling!