Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thank you for praying. Kenny is doing much better. He still has a bit of residual cough but the fever is gone and he's back to his old self and his old routine (which basically consists of bossing people around).

In other news, my washing machine is dead. Apparently my forgetful husband was supposed to remove some pretty important screws after we moved the washing machine to the new house about a year ago, but he forgot. Now, it's broken beyond repair and I find myself trying to stay afloat, washing 5 people's clothes by hand in the tub. Fortunately I have a helper, Boloro who does most of it. What would I do without her?! I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully we'll get a new washer in the near future.

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~ Amanda ~ said...

so sorry to hear about your washer!