Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bread and Spread

Abi's back to her old self and has gotten used to the cast. She's counting the days until it comes off , though, so that she can draw and feed herself again (she's left handed).

Today was real laid back. I discovered yesterday that our hot water had been turned off and would be off for 5 days. I really needed a pre-lunch nap and when I woke up we had a "bread and spread" lunch. It's basically bread with anything the kids want spread on it. Options include but are not limited to:

peanut butter
sour cream
hazelnut spread
chocolate spread
egg salad

Any combos are also allowed.

Of course, this kind of lunch wouldn't do for every day. But on days when I need a little quiet time, it's perfect. And I don't feel guilty at all because the bread is homemade and nutritious. We usually have smoothies or carrot juice to drink.

"Bread and spread" days are a way to save on time and money without compromising on health. Hey, that's got to be cheating!


Sara said...

Hey, have you ever had apple butter? If not, maybe I can send some next package...It would be good for days like this!

Twila G. said...

Hmmm sounds pretty good. Glad Abi is doing better.