Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Children's Day, June 1st

As usual, I'm late in posting our Children's Day happenings. It fell on a Sunday this year and since Hetee was scheduled to preach in UB, we got the kids their presents early. Abi got a pony and a Barbie, Nate got a scooter and Kenny got sand toys for the sand box.

On Sunday, the kids and I walked to church, even though we weren't supposed to have the kids out and about due to the Entrovirus 71 quarantine. All of the children's activities that normally take place on June 1st were canceled so there wasn't much to do. The weather was nice so I decided to take the kids to eat out after church. What fun! I realized that it had been a while since I was out alone with all 3 kids. It was a bit of a challenge but Nate rose to the occasion more than once and helped me with Kenny and getting in and out of taxis, etc.

Kenny, enjoying a glass of cherry juice

In Darkhan, our family has somewhat of a celebrity status. Anytime I'm out with the kids, strangers come and try to touch their cheeks or stroke Abi's hair. We get stared at-- a lot! Every now and then Hetee or I get recognized from TV (we've both been on a couple times, teaching) but most of the hoopla comes from being an inter cultural family with cute kids. =)

The waitresses at this particular restaurant LOVE my kids. The take them into the kitchen and feed them stuff and let them run around. The kids like eating there because they can be themselves. For Children's Day we were able to eat on the outdoor tables. This created even more ruckus and we literally had a crowd watching us eat.

Abi, checking to make sure the bamboo is indeed fake

This is the "serious big brother" look

Later that evening, when Hetee got home the kids filled him in on their day. He was impressed that I took them to eat out all by myself. I have to admit, it was kind of difficult, especially without a car. But we had a good day and hopefully created some memories.

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~ Amanda ~ said...

sounds like you and the kids had a great day. love the pix. miss you! sorry i didn't call before i left, but it was kind of busy for me at the end.