Thursday, July 17, 2008

Frugal Friday: 5 Minute Ice Cream

I learned this one from my mom, who learned it from her mom, who leaned it from...

Just kidding. My mom learned this from the internet and showed me and the kids how to make it the other day. It's super easy!

You'll need:

1 T sugar
1/2 cup milk or cream
1/4 tsp vanilla (we used coconut)
6 T rock salt
1 pt size Ziplock bag
1 gallon size Ziplock bag
Ice cubes


Mix the sugar, milk and flavoring in pint sized ziplock and seal. Fill gallon sized ziplock half full with ice and put in rock salt. Place the bag with milk mixture into the large ziplock and seal. Wrap with towel (to protect hands) and shake vigorously for 5 minutes.

I hope you enjoy your homemade ice cream! We did!

Tip: wipe the inside part of lip of the small ziplock before opening it. We didn't do that and poor Abi had salty ice cream.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and make frozen yogurt this way.

For more great frugal tips visit Biblical Womanhood and see what others have to say!

Oh, and have a great weekend!


Kim said...

An easy recipe that sounds oh so yummy! Thanks for sharing.

CC said...

I spent almost an hour tonight trying to make the "coffee can" version of the ice cream. I've done it in the past with success, but not this year at all. Such a bummer.

I'm so glad to see your blog! I just read a book about Mongolia and was fascinated!