Thursday, August 28, 2008


I don't know where to start. Our family and this little boy, Yalalt's family really need your prayers.

Yesterday on the way to a meeting, we received a phone call telling us that he had been injured and that we needed to go to the hospital. We picked up the dad and baby sister on the way and rushed over. After hearing from the dad that Yalalt, age 1 year and 3 months, had fallen from their 5th story balcony, we began to pray hard for a miracle. We arrived at the hospital and found the mother, 20 year old Enkhmaa, sobbing.

There's not a Bible school in the world that can prepare you for something like this and Hetee and I both felt inadequate as we broke the news to them that the baby had died. Hetee dealt with the police as I tried to comfort the mother who was sobbing uncontrollably and beating herself in the face. She blames herself as she was the only one home with the kids when it happened. And she let him go out onto the balcony, where under normal circumstances, there was no way to fall. But yesterday, the baby's stroller was out on the balcony, offering a curious toddler a way to climb up and see over the barrier.

Yalalt was a very special boy. His mother and father were not married when Enkhmaa because pregnant for him. They were pressured on every side to have an abortion, but stood firm despite criticism and extreme poverty. They got married and had Yalalt. Two months after he was born, Enkhmaa became pregnant again. This time they were faced with even more difficult odds and, again the family pressured them to abort. Again, they stood firm and 9 months later had a baby girl, in our home. I was her coach during labor and, Bogi, the dad, caught their little girl.

Although a baby himself, Yalalt, which means "Victory", loved being a big brother. He was so full of life and was always on the move in typical toddler fashion. Enkhmaa was constantly blaming herself for his bumps and bruises. With a newborn to care for, it was hard to watch Yalalt closely sometimes. I'd assure her that it happens to the best of us; our kids go off exploring and wind up getting hurt. It's part of life, just do the best you can.

There aren't enough words in the English language to express how much Enkhmaa and Bogi need your prayers right now. They are overwrought with grief and are not receiving much support from their lost relatives. They need supernatural peace right now, especially Enkhmaa, who has not been able to talk (besides calling for Yalalt) and can barely move.

This picture of Yalalt was taken during our Summer Camp, in July.

Why God spared his life from abortion yet chose to have it end this way is beyond me. I'm glad I don't have to offer answers to those kinds of questions. He is God and His ways are certainly not our ways and we can't understand His thoughts.

For now, we are just resting in the comfort that one day we will be in heaven where there will be no more tears or suffering.

Yesterday, as the grandparents were crying, I couldn't help but remember how angry they were at us for encouraging Bogi and Enkhmaa to not abort. They had even turned their back on them financially and otherwise for their decision to keep the baby. Why were they crying now? What could have possibly changed in 15 short months? Was I the only one seeing the irony? Or did they see how unfair they were being, too?

Please, again, keep us all in prayer as we move through the feelings of grief and as we care for the family and the rest of the church.

Bogi and Enkhmaa's rent will be up on September first so we are raising 6 months worth of rent money for them. We will help them find a different apartment to rent and pay for the first 6 months, at least. If you want to help please go to our ministry website and click on the "donate" button to make your contribution for Bogi and Enkhmaa. Every cent will go to them, to help ease them through this difficult time. (Please type "Yalalt" on the donation form or let us know by email,, how much you have given.)

Any comments or sentiments can be sent to Hetee's email address,, and will be translated and given to the parents. You may also leave a comment for Bogi and Enkhmaa on this post. We will make sure everything gets to them.

Thank you for standing with us.


Anonymous said...

Oh my. What a heartbreaking story. Bogi and Enkhmaa, you are in my thoughts and prayers and I am sending all my good thoughts to you. Yalalt blessed so many people here on earth and is now at home with our Lord. God's blessings to you during this difficult time.


mandkhaic said...

Enhmaa, chamd iim haramsaad barahgui yavdal tohioldsond mash ih haramsaj bna. Minii duu, huu ne chamaig ooriigoo buruutgahiig husehgui shuu dee. Hedii yagaad gehed hariulah yum ene horvoo deer baihgui ch gesen ohinoo bodooroi. Bas ooriigoo Yalaltiin eej gedgiin uudnees hairlaj halamjlaarai. Ezen chamaig ene hetsuu uyed orhihgui, chinii derged bgaa shuu.

Twila G. said...

I cannot even imagine how difficult this must be. Please tell Bogi and Enkhmaa that we will be praying for them here in Kansas. May God's grace and peace carry you both through this difficult time.

hopeful said...

I have never been to your blog before (just got here through a Frugal Friday post) but I wanted to let you know that I have prayed for this family and for your family also as you comfort them.