Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An Abi-ism

This morning as we were taking a bath...

"Are you my real mommy?"

I laughed out loud, "Of course I am your real mommy. What makes you ask that?"

She replied, "Because you're so white and I'm so brown!"

She is right about that. Her skin was the perfect "cafe-con-leche" color from the moment she was born. She takes after her daddy. I call her my "cinnamon stick".

Abi's question was a valid one, I suppose. She has a friend named "Edie" who is Mongolian and was adopted into an American family. Edie's mommy and daddy and brothers are white, so I guess that is what got Abi thinking.

She's one smart girl!

1 comment:

Jamie E said...

awe, that's cute! My siblings had me convinced I was adopted because I was blond over blue and NO ONE else in my family is.