Thursday, September 25, 2008

School Days Update: Melanie

Yes, I'm posting about my school days because I am, once again, teaching English! I teach 4 hours on Tuesdays at Nate's school grades 2-6. I wanted to only be tied down to the school one day a week so it's great to be able to do that.

So, last Tuesday I got to ride the bus with Nate and spend snack time together. It was a bit of a challenge for Nate to stay put in his classroom and not keep coming to me and interrupting both his and my class. But finally, he understood that he needed to stay put. A little chocolate candy helped, too. =)

My kids are lively, especially the younger ones. My job is to help them develop their vocabulary and conversation/listening skills. They gotta have skillz, ya know. My tactic is to teach them through songs and poems and read lots of stories etc., to help them get used to my native accent. They love singing! One song I want to teach them is "My favorite things" from The Sound Of Music.

I have 2 Korean siblings in my 2nd grade class. They speak very little Mongolian or English but when I started singing "I love you, you love me..." their eyes lit up and they started singing along. I asked them if they knew Barney and the jumped up and said "YES!" So I asked them to come to the front of the class and help me teach the rest of the kids. It really made their day!

I am praying for 3 teachers at Nate's school to become believers. It will be easier to be a witness now that we work together.

Please keep us in your prayers. Me working even one day a week is a big adjustment for all of us. But, thankfully, this way we will be able to take a big cut out of Nate's tuition. My practical homeschooled brain tells me that it would be much easier just to homeschool Nate. That would save us both time and money but, Hubby feels better with Nate in school. And in a way, I do too. I see him growing in ways he would not have grown at home. It's hard to put my finger on it exactly but it just feels good.

More "School Days Updates" to come!

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