Thursday, October 02, 2008

What's Been Making Me Smile...

  1. My English students
  2. Fresh root vegetables
  3. A good chunk of beef from the market (I prayed for favor before I went in)
  4. A handmade dollhouse in the works for Abi's Christmas present. Shhh.....
  5. Kenny and his "big boy" underwear
  6. Abi putting Kenny to sleep
  7. Fresh, organic yogurt
  8. People who pray for us
  9. Babies, Babies, Babies; everywhere I look!
  10. My new dress boots
This past week was a tough one for me. Lots of lessons learned about faith and resting in my heavenly Father's Word. But I'm glad to see that I still had at least 10 reasons to smile.

Please keep our family in your prayers. Nate awoke yesterday morning with a swollen cheek and a toothache. Come to find out, one of the cavities he had filled last Spring was not cleaned out completely and it got infected. We put him on antibiotics and carrot juice right away and waited for the swelling to go down before taking him to the dentist. The swelling didn't go down and now the dentist wants to possibly cut the gum and let it bleed out. We are all terrified and are praying hard that come tomorrow at 9 am when we see her again, the swelling will have gone down so that such drastic measures won't be necessary.

I feel really terrible. When will I stop blaming myself for every bad thing that happens to my kids? Or is it really my fault? Either way, this feeling of guilt doesn't help. All it does is stress me out and gives me a headache.

Did I mention that Nate brushes at least once a day, usually twice? And that my kids don't eat very much candy and that we seldom drink fruit juices, much less carbonated drinks? They eat healthy foods with calcium (maybe not as much as they should every day, but still!)

Why is this happening to him!?


mandkhaic said...

Reuben had cavities two years ago and I didn't know it until he had a x-ray. It was from the inside. His pediatric said it might have been because he was conceived in Mongolia where I had no flouride in my water etc. So it might be bacause of water in Darkhan, genes that might have skipped you and Hetee and so on.
If this is going to be the most serious stuff you feel guilty about your kids, girrrl, you have made it, ;)
( I tell myself, I am saving the guilt thing till the BIG stuff, whatever that might be)

Love you

Gombojav Tribe said...

Meg had a bunch of cavities last year, which I found mind-boggling, because I've never had a cavity. Gana, however, has had a BUNCH. I think some of it is just genetic.

Sorry. Don't feel badly. It happens; it's not your fault.

Marnie said...

I am not a dentist, so I don't know why this is happening. My kids got cavities too. One had to have a root canal at age 7. I know that aweful feeling of guilt. As I was reading your post though, I felt that it is an attack of the enemy. While we do the very best that we can as parents, we can't protect our children from everything ( I used to feel that it was my responsibility to). The enemy wants to bring you down with this heavy burden because it makes you less productive and interferes with your family life.

You and your husband are doing a wonderful work for the Lord there, and you are a great mother. Don't let this make you feel guilty.

Praying for you today!

Michele said...

Why is it that us mommy's have so much guilt? That's just not fair at all. I'll be praying for you and your family. Especially for peace in all that you are going through. BTW, God made YOU the mommy of your kiddos, not someone else, because He knew you'd be the BEST thing for them. You are an incredible mom, just ask your kids, I bet they'll agree!