Saturday, November 22, 2008

What's Been Making Me Smile...

  • My English students, old and new
  • A lazy Saturday morning
  • Teaching about birth and dispelling myths and lies. Setting people free with the truth!
  • Ulzii and Ogii Tseegii and their thoughtfulness
  • We're having the foreigners' Christmas party this year! Yea!
  • Hand-me-downs coming in and going out
  • My silly poll
  • Molly, running around the house like a mad cat
  • The kids' attitude charts and the treasure chest (more on that later)
  • Anticipating a care package!
What about you? What's been making you smile? Please share in the "comments" section!


Twila G. said...

This is my favorite time of year so lots of things are making me smile.Here are a few...
1. Listening to Christmas music (we always start early)
2. Drinking hot cocoa and snuggling with my kids and hubby by our cozy fireplace
3. My beautiful Mongolian scarf and gloves! Thanks Melanie!

Thomas said...

Listening to new music
My new shades
My girlfriend and her silliness
Monday night football games