Monday, December 29, 2008

What's Been Making Me Smile

  • Receiving a much anticipated package! (chocolate chips, yummy smelling bath things, 2 kitchen timers, puzzles, and, best of all, York peppermint patties and cheesecake!
  • Having my oven back to almost normal. I can bake again, yay!
  • Today someone paid me a compliment. They said I was patient.
  • Christmas service at church today. Place was packed!
  • Only 2 more months till SINGAPORE!!!
  • Being chosen to share God's love in Mongolia
  • Winning the "longest eyelashes" competition at our leaders Christmas party. Not hard to do in Mongolia.
  • Having a thoughtful, loving husband who washes dishes without complaining.
  • Talking with friends long into the night
  • My Scumble River Mysteries... Thank you again and again, Lydia!


~ Amanda ~ said...

oh i'm so glad your package arrived. how fun! and i love it that you won the longest eyelashes competition. hehe. more and more girls in ub are wearing false lashes these days, so it might be trickier to win here. ;)

Tom Terry said...

Here's something else to make you smile. Your computer arrived today. I repacked it for the trip to Mongolia on the 6th. See ya soon!

Tom Terry