Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Note to Self: When It's -30 Degrees Out, Wear A Hat, Fool

Today I had one of those days where everything felt like a dream. Not in the good sense of the word, but all day I just felt like I was in a daze. I think all those late nights staying up reading, typing and translating added up and decided to gang up on me. And I was out of coffee.

I kind of mulled around the house, putting the finishing touches on my lesson (I'm tutoring 6 kids this week) and waiting for the clock to strike 1:30. My Dad came over and brought some fruit for the kids and had a cup of tea. I caught a ride to school for class that started at 2.

As we were driving along, I realized something important. A few things actually. Like, I had on two different gloves. And I was wearing the wrong shoes (boots with heels and no grip). And there was something missing...oh, yeah. My hat. And my cell phone. Too late, I thought. I considered asking dad to turn around and go back to get my things, but if you have 3 small kids like me, one thing you NEVER do is walk back into the house to get something once you've kissed and hugged everyone and said your goodbyes. So, I didn't say anything and on we went to the other side of town.

I got to school, yawned through my lesson and made my way back to catch a taxi. I got out at a place that sells fresh yogurt and milk, about 3 (long) blocks from the house. I bought a liter of each and decide to walk home.

Now, someone please wake me up 'cause this is where the dreamy, hazy feeling turned into a nightmare. The fingers of my left hand got so cold I thought they'd fall off. You see, in my haste I grabbed one of Hetee's gloves in the place of mine (he was in a hurry when he left earlier this morning and apparently forgot his gloves, too) and it was bigger more loose and therefore not as warm and snug as my right hand. I was carrying the yogurt, milk, diapers and detergent in one hand and my briefcase in the other so I couldn't stuff them in my pockets. I shoulda got a taxi. Then we wouldn't even be having this monologue.

As I was hurrying along, praying to God to please let me keep my fingers, the wind picked up and made me really miss my hat. I could see the house in the distance but I couldn't hurry because I was walking on packed snow and ice with my heeled boots. It was pretty dangerous with the zero traction and what not.

But I made it home, thawed my fingers out and made sure I didn't have any purple spots on them. My nail beds are still hurting but it's no big deal. I'm glad Hetee wasn't there to see me. He fusses at me when I don't dress warm enough. After all these years he still has to remind me that, in Mongolia, "you must dress for survival". He checks my layers, tucks my scarf and straightens my hat like I'm one of the kids. He's the oldest in his family and I'm the youngest in mine so it works swimmingly. Except when he's not there. Then stuff like today happens.

Anyway, I'm off to get a full night's sleep. I don't want a deja vu tomorrow. You know, just learning from my mistakes so I'm not doomed to repeat history and all that.


Gombojav Tribe said...

Poor thing. At least you didn't go out with wet hair.

Anita J. said...

Well, I'm glad you have your fingers and no purple spots! I have to admit, the phrase "you must dress for survival" gave me a shiver. I'd say a good night's sleep is a good idea!

Oh, and the picture of your husband checking your wardrobe before you go out is precious.