Friday, March 13, 2009


We arrived at 9pm on Tuesday night and were greeted at the airport by our friends, Pastors Melvyn and Linda Mak and by our hosts, Stephen and Cynthia.

Since the time we got here we have not had the chance to feel hunger-- our hosts have been feeding us and feeding us. =) We've had some pretty interesting foods, all of them very delicious and I'm not just saying that because they might read my blog one day (hi, guys). My favorites so far have been jack fruit, BBQ stingray, and Satay. Also the pork soup and roasted duck were very good. Argh! I could go on and on!

We have been blown away by the Singaporeans thoughtfulness and hospitality. They are such friendly and loving people, always ready to help with whatever you need.

On our second day here we decided to take a tour of the FCBC (the church that is hosting the g12 conference) offices and buildings. It was nice to see where many of our pastor friends work every day.

Me and the girls, L-R: Nandia, Dolko, Ogii tseegii, Naraa, Ariunaa and Oyuka

This guy kept following me around getting into all my shots...

L-R: Sheika, Bogi, Shagai, Demchik,Ganbold, Hetee and Daagii

After that, it was a quick trip to the market to buy sandals and shorts for some of the people on the team. I was thoroughly enjoying the hot weather, by the way and was trying to avoid air conditioners as much as possible. We grabbed a quick bite at the "Hawkers Market". Mmmm, yummy Malaysian food!

After this it was to the beach for a quick stroll and planning for the next few days. We didn't have time to swim but it wasn't a very nice beach anyway.

Hetee and I did make it to Palawan Beach in Sentosa. More on that soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hetee and sweet Melanie,
You guys having fun.
Enjoy and have a good time and feel refresh. I wish you all the best.