Friday, April 17, 2009

What's Been Making Me Smile

  • My new "imaginary" friends, Hutch and Aagii, who read my blog all the way in Hawaii! Aloha, guys!
  • Kenny got a much-needed hair cut today and exclaimed, "I look new!"
  • Spending the day at mom and dad's eating Gumbo and napping. And teasing mom for being so organized. (She has so many reminders and post-its stuck everywhere that if she got amnesia she might not remember her name but she could slip back into her old life like nothing ever happened just by following the directives on her notes.)
  • Talking to my hubby on and off all day today. He's back in the country and will be home tomorrow!
  • A beautiful baby girl born at home to my friends, Zolo and Jagaa.
  • Mom's homemade cheese and yogurt. Sure, I could make my own but hers tastes much better.
  • Letting Nate play hooky from school today just because.
  • Taking an hour and a half to fold the laundry because I was chatting with my best friend, Sara from Pa.
  • My students' pronunciation is improving, even though I'm only with them one day a week.
  • I just washed a mean-looking brown spider down the kitchen sink drain. Who's da man?
  • My friend, Lydia and her never-ending generosity. She's an inspiration to me!
What about you? Please share your smiles with me today!


Marnie said...

All wonderful things to smile about. I am smiling today because my migraine is gone. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my head and I'm walking on air. :o)

God is VERY good!!

Gombojav Tribe said...

I washed an ugly brown spider down the sink today, too. We are beyond awesome, aren't we!

hutch said...

Seeing our names on the smile list and learning today that we may be heading to Mongolia much sooner than we thought. Time for a crash course in Mongolian!

Anonymous said...

A word of wisdom from the Matthew Henry Commentary:
"A prudent pen goes far towards making up the deficiencies of the memory."

Mom <><