Tuesday, September 01, 2009

1 Day Down...

179 more to go!

We kicked off our first day of school today with the excitement and enthusiasm only a 7 year-old, a 5 year-old and a 3-year-old could supply. The kids were awake at 6 (!) this morning and ready to get going. But, the sweet and considerate little people they are, (They really are. I'm not being sarcastic!) they stayed in bed until I was up about 20 minutes after. Then they asked me if they could get up and start their day. As sleepy as I was, we got up and I made pancakes while they poured over their new school supplies like it was Christmas morning.

We had fancy pancakes with whipped cream and Russian blackberry and strawberry preserves and homemade maple syrup. After breakfast we gave the kids their September 1st gifts (it's a Mongolian thing) that consisted of snacks and sweets that they normally don't have. Then we got started and, to my delight, had a pretty smooth morning. I had a few things prepared for Kenny and, I'm glad I did. He was right in the middle of everything and wanted to take part in all the excitement. He is one busy guy.

I've decided to homeschool 4 days a week and have Fridays off. I know of one family who did this and I thought it'd be a good idea to do it while my kids are little. With a new one coming soon I think I'll really appreciate the extra time for myself and to adjust to having another little one around. We'll still have some structure on our day off, only it will be very relaxed and probably include a lot of reading and educational games. I think it's important to give ourselves a day to rest as ministry families tend to be busiest on weekends and don't really have Saturday's off much less Sundays. We'll see how this goes...

I REALLY wanted to take pictures today but I cannot find my digital camera battery charger anywhere. So, since I couldn't take any pictures I just let myself enjoy the moment without obsessing over preserving it. My children are so awesome and I look forward to working closely with them throughout the year. They are wise beyond their years and they love God and others.

It's going to be an interesting year. One full of changes, adjustments and learning for our family. Please pray for us as we begin this homeschooling journey and as we prepare to move soon. We are looking for an apartment to rent that is more affordable than the place where we are now. I hate to move but if it's worth it, then so be it. Don't worry, we have lots of help and my husband won't let me do any heavy lifting. =)

God is in control!


~ Amanda ~ said...

so glad the first day went well. how come you decided on homeschooling this year? how soon is the moving process probably going to be? maybe i'll catch you on skype soon and you can give me more details then. miss you dear friend!

Anonymous said...

You will do well. You're a great mom and a great teacher already.
Mom <><