Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Link

I read this post today and thought I'd link to it here. This is something I've been passionate about for a long time. I wish I had more time to write my thoughts but it'll have to wait for now.

Soon I will share Nate's birth story, which I've never actually written out, but have been wanting to. It was very traumatic and difficult to overcome emotionally and physically. But as a result of it I have become a stronger, more educated person. It's been a long and interesting jurney.


Cheri said...

Sweetie - I don't see the link. Could you help out?

Melanie said...

Chery, I'm have to drag your cursor over the words "this post" and click on it.

How are you guys? Squeeze Amelia for me!

O My Blog! said...

I do agree with what the blogger was getting at, I do, but not every situation is so cookie cutter and you have no choices. I tried to let nature take it's course but I ran 15 days over with Kate and she was stuck on my hip, I chose forceps over vaccuum (which surprisingly, the Doc asked me why I chose that-afterwards-because she happened to be very proficient with and she worked with the contractions to get Kate out. Noelle was 14 days over and I was induced and only had one shot of Fentenol (sp?) which they used that narcan (sp?) stuff right after so it wouldn't as bad for Noelle. I refused the epidural with her and they didn't like my screaming, no really, I screamed. :) Noelle only took 1 1/2 hours after inducement and 10 minutes of pushing.
I tend to have large babies 9 + pounds and I tore 3rd degree with both. I can't imagine what would have happened if I let nature just take more time.

Melanie said...

Julie, I'm so sorry that you went through all of that. 2 overdue pregnancies are the exception to the rule and you did what you had to do as opposed to women who make the choice out of selfishness knowing that it isn't right. The author of the post pointed out that she was talking about those women, not women who had no choice and actually NEEDED the medical interventions.

Just so you know, that's where I stand, too. Doctors and their interventions are great when we need them (as I have for various things). I have been fortunate enough to have had 3 unattended homebirths without any major complications. But I know that it was by the grace and mercy of God, and not just because I took care of myself.

Many of the women I work with here knowingly welcome the interventions even though I've warned against them. And that's when it becomes dangerous for the mother and the baby.