Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Prayers Needed

Three days ago Kenny started having a fever of about 99-101. The fever came and went throughout the last few days and nights. About the second night I gave him tylenol. Since Nate had mumps the week before we assumed Kenny was coming down with the mumps, too. But it became clear that Kenny was in a lot more discomfort than Nate was.

Then yesterday I noticed a little sore right below his bottom lip. After checking his mouth we discovered several more little canker-like sores on his lips and tongue. At this point his symptoms pointed to hand,foot and mouth disease (coxsackievirus; enterovirus 71). I called the American doctor in town and set an appointment for this morning.

After checking Kenny, Dr. Pham discovered that Kenny's throat is also infected. He doesn't think it's anything extremely serious. Since we can't get a lab test here we have no way of knowing exactly if it is hand,foot and mouth disease or not. It may be strep throat and the canker sores (so far I've counted 10!)could be from the high fever he was having, since he doesn't have any sores on his hands and feet.

Whatever it is, Kenny is one miserable little guy. Please believe with us for a quick recovery and health for the rest of our family.

We appreciate your prayers!


Gombojav Tribe said...

Hugs for Kenny and for you!!! Hope you are all well very soon!!!

Cheri said...

Lifting your family up to our Lord adn Savior, the grat and mighty miracle worker!

Leah said...

Poor baby! I hope he gets better soon.

Хака said...

We speak the healing of heaven over Kenny.
love u guys!

gerlee said...

i hope he gets better soon, i always pray for you!!!